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About my

How are you doing?
very well
What's your name?
My name is grecia chacin.
Where are you from?
I’m from Maracaibo, Venezuela.
What school do you go to?
I go to Law School in URBE.
What trimester studying these ?
I’m in the 3rd trimester in URBE .
What are your favorite subjects?
My favorite subjects  constitutional right
What classes are you taking now?
I’m taking seven classes
How are you doing in your classes?
with the company of God everything is going well in my classes.

Greece Family

Hello! My name is Grecia Chacin. I'm 17 years old. I live with my mother and my father, dioneida and atenagoras  and my brothers, atenas you're 19 years old and is the sixth quarter of law in Urbe and my brother David is 13 and attends basic school. In my close family are five people.  my parents are married

Family Tree

restaurant menu

Composition about Food

Composition about Food
I have breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday. My favorite meal of the day is lunch. I eat tequeños for breakfast almost every day. Marabino’s Breakfast are patacon,  Empanadas. I like Venezuelan Food a lot. My favorite restaurant sunflower seafood delicious casserole. My favorite dish insunflower   I know I Colombian food. I like all of them. I cook sometimes. My favorite dish is bin Huang. bin Huangfrom Colombiana. 

People Doing Things...



Grecia: Hello?
Fran: Hey, Grecia. It's Fran.
Grecia: Hi, Fran. How are you doing?
Fran: So-so. How about you?
Grecia: I'm okay. What are you doing?
Fran: I'm speaking with a friend.
           What are you doing?
Grecia: I'm in a holiday.
           It hurts that these occupied.


Grecia: Hello?
Paul: Hey, Grecia. It's Paul.
Grecia: Hi, Paul. How are you doing?
Paul: All right. How about you?
Grecia: I'm okay. What are you doing?
Paul: I'm with my girlfriend.
           What are you doing?
Grecia: I'm sharing with my family.


Grecia: Hello?
Andrés: Hey, Grecia. It's Andrés.
Grecia: Hi, Andrés. How are you doing?        
Andrés: So-so. How about you?
Grecia: I'm okay. What are you doing?
Andrés: I'm testing with my band.
              What are you doing?
Grecia: I'm arranging my hair.
           It hurts that you are testing.

Grecia: Hello?
Moisés: Hey, Grecia. It's Moisés.
Grecia: Hi, Moisés. How are you doing?
Moisés: All right. How about you?
Grecia: I'm okay. What are you doing?
Moisés: I'm writing a poem.
             What are you doing?
Grecia: I'm listening to music.
           See you!

Happy Father's Day

Which is the perfect gift for my father?
The perfect gift for my father is a watch, because he loves it. 

A poem for my dear father
Being the worship of my soul his fondness, the luck wanted that on having honored his name, it was the love that inspired of girl his most sacred inspiration of the man. It wanted the sky that the singing that me inspires always his eyes with love they it see, and all the verses of my lira worthy these his name are.

What Is In My Rucksack?

I have a white telephone in my rucksack.
I have black headphones in my rucksack.
I have a black purse in my rucksack.
I have a book of Logic in my rucksack.
I have a gray notebook in my rucksack.
I have a brown portfolio in my rucksack.
I have a casing makeup in my rucksack.
I have my season-ticket of city in my rucksack.

Five People In The World

Mind map about Five people in the world!

My Favorites!

Mind map about My favorites actors, actress and singers

Interview A Friend

1. What's your first name?
A. My first name is Sandra.

2. What's your last name?
A. My last name is Molina.

3. What's your nickname? How do people call you?
A. I Don't have a nickname.

4. What's your phone number?
A. My phone number is 7493455.

5. What's your e-mail address?
A. My email address is

6. Who's your favorite actor?
A. My favorite actor is Edgar Ramirez.

7. Who's your favorite actress?
A. My favorite actress is Julia Roberts.

8. Who's your favorite singer?
A. My favorite singer is Ricardo Arjona.

9. Who's your favorite athlete?
A. My favorite athlete is Rafael Nadal.

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